You are eligible for a residence permit in Mauritius when you acquire a luxury property within a IRS, RES or PDS programme for a minimum of USD 500,000.

Residence permit for your family

The members of the conjugal family of the owner, including the spouse and the children up to 24 years old, are granted the residence permit as well and the latter is renewable yearly. Unmarried partners are not entitled.

How long is the residence permit valid for?

As long as a foreign investor holds the ownership of the luxury property in an IRS, the residence permit remains valid. Upon selling the residence, the permit is void and the new owner, if he/she is a foreigner gets the residence permit.

Mauritian work permit

A residence permit does not mean that a work permit is instantly granted, and the latter is compulsory to perform professional activities in Mauritius. The homeowner needs to apply for the work permit, which is normally easily approved.