The acquisition process for an IRS property at Anahita Mauritius consists of three main steps:

1. The first step of the acquisition process is the signature of the relevant reservation agreement between the buyer and Anahita Mauritius.

2. Following this step, and upon receipt of the required documents from the buyer, the IRS developer will submit an application for IRS acquisition to the Board of Investment (BOI) of Mauritius (on behalf of the buyer).

3. Finally, upon receipt of the approval letter from the BOI, and once all other relevant acquisition criteria have been met, the buyer and vendor shall proceed with the signature of the sale agreement (Notarial deed) before the Notary in Mauritius.

Terms of payment

Vente en l’état de futur achèvement (VEFA / Off-plan property sale)

IRS properties are sold under the provision of a VEFA, that stands for “Vente en l’Etat Futur d’Achèvement” (sale in a future state of completion). The VEFA is a contract that binds a seller to transfer at once all the rights to the land for sale, including the ownership of existing constructions. The price of the IRS residences can be paid in instalments as construction advances or in full, and the newly built infrastructure becomes the property of the buyer as the construction progresses.

Garantie financière d’achèvement (GFA)

The developer has contracted a performance bond (Garantie Financière d’Achèvement - GFA) with an established banking institution, the Mauritius Banking Corporation, selon les conditions de la VEFA. The GFA guarantees the delivery of the property to the buyer, in line with the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract between the buyer and the seller. If the developer fails in any way to deliver the property as stipulated, the banks will guarantee the delivery of the property.